DHC concentrated turmeric 40 tablets

DHC concentrated turmeric 40 tablets

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Product Details

Strengthen high-quality, low-priced blended amount considering daily health *
Contains 240 mg of turmeric concentrated extract and 50 mg of curcuminoid
* Per standard daily amount
*Compared to our conventional products

Alcohol that
wants to maintain physical strength for people who often drink
alcohol Concentrates three types of turmeric that protect the health of drinkers 110 times.
* Raw turmeric ratio
spring turmeric autumn turmeric purple turmeric

Ingredients, quantity, usage

olive oil, turmeric concentrated extract, gelatin, glycerin, beeswax, lecithin (soy), antioxidants (vitamin E)

<Nutritional Information>
per day: 2 tablets 930mg
heat · · · 5.7Kcal
・0.16g Sodium・・・0.96mg

Turmeric concentrated extract・・・240mg
( Curcuminoid ・・・50mg)

Dosage and Dosage
<Estimated Daily Intake> Take
2 tablets daily .

<How to eat>
Enjoy with water or lukewarm water.

Dosage form/shape

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