Dokodemo Vape Go! Mirai, 480 Hours, Replacement Item 1

Dokodemo Vape Go! Mirai, 480 Hours, Replacement Item 1


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A replacement cartridge for Dokodemo Vape GO! Mirai, 480 Hours.
• Contents: 1 Chemical Agent Cartridge, 2 AA Batteries
• Ingredients/Materials: metofluthrin
• Size (cm): 130mm x 30mm x 75mm
• Weight (item only) [G]: 68
• Made in Japan
• Manufacturer Name: Fumakilla
• Handling Precautions:
• Usage Precautions: Be sure to adhere to the prescribed usage method. During and after use, take care so that the chemical agent is not touched by infants and young children.
• Storage & Handling Precautions: Do not store in places with high temperatures or in direct sunlight. Store out of reach of young children. When not using the item for a long period of time, remove chemical agent & batteries from the item, seal chemical agent in cling film or a plastic bag and then store in a cool, dark place together with the batteries. Promptly remove used batteries from the item. Otherwise, they may leak.
• Disposal method: Dispose of used chemical agent as plastic waste. Dispose of batteries in a suitable manner.

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