Ebisu Premium Care Habrush 6 Rows Large Usually

Ebisu Premium Care Habrush 6 Rows Large Usually

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Ideal for brushing periodontal pockets recommended by dentists who can brush firmly with a brush ○ Wide head that changes the common wisdom of toothbrushes Since the contact area between the teeth and the brush is wide, plaque can be easily and efficiently removed by regular brushing. ○ Double flocked outer soft hair: Gently treats gums. Inner hard hair: Polish the tooth surface and the boundary between the teeth and gums. ○ Periodontal care with two types of hair tips Ultra-tapered hair: It goes into the periodontal pocket, which is difficult to polish, and scrapes out plaque. Flat hair: Removes plaque firmly. Heat-resistant temperature: 80 degrees * This product has multiple colors, but you cannot specify the color. It may be different from the color of the product image. Please note.

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