Eporus Karatei Wide Mouth Fried Pot 28cm (with Ami) KRR-28W Black

Eporus Karatei Wide Mouth Fried Pot 28cm (with Ami) KRR-28W Black

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Size: 36.8 x 28.5 x 12.5 cm Body weight: 880g Material / Material: Body / iron (silicon baking finish. Bottom thickness 1.0mm), handle / iron (silicon baking finish), ami / iron (chrome plating) Country of origin: China Corresponding heat source: Gas fire, IH electromagnetic cooker (100V / 200V), etc. Compatible with all heat sources (* Microwave oven and microwave oven are not available) Full capacity: Approximately 4.3L Appropriate amount of oil: Approximately 1.3L Note 1: For tempura and fried food only Note 2: Some IH (induction cooker) models cannot be used with the "fried food function". When using the "fried food function", it may not be possible to use it with the IH model that states "use the included tempura pan". Please check the instruction manual of the model you are using before using it. * Can be used with the "heating function" of the electromagnetic cooker Increase the number of items displayed
Pattern (type): Wide-fried pan 28cm Family-sized large deep-fried pan A wide-mouthed type that is convenient for putting in and taking out fried foods for smooth cooking. Gas fire / IH electromagnetic cooker 100V / 200V compatible that keeps the temperature of the oil constant with the heat retention of iron with fried sardines that can quickly drain oil

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