Etuse Etuse Eye Edition (Brow Mascara) 01 Ash Milk Tea

Etuse Etuse Eye Edition (Brow Mascara) 01 Ash Milk Tea

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Exquisite nuance color Eyebrow mascara that fits softly without hardening 〇Slim tree-shaped brush that is easy to apply to fine details such as the corners of the eyebrows 〇It does not harden even though it is colored and finishes softly Sustainable 〇 Can be removed with hot water 〇 Beauty liquid ingredient combination / hair treatment (amino acid), hair moisturizing ingredient (hyaluronic acid) combination | / Ammonium methacrylate) copolymer, silicic acid (Al / Mg), xanthan gum, arginine, Na hyaluronate, cellulose gum, Na metaphosphate, Al hydroxide, BG, simethicone, Na laureth-12 sulfate, caprylyl glycol, (C11- 15) Palace 7, K sorbate, EDTA-4Na, phenoxyethanol, Na dehydroacetate, mica, iron oxide, titanium oxide Usage and dosage [Usage] ● First, in the direction opposite to the flow of the eyebrows, then the flow of the eyebrows Apply by combing from the root to the tip of the hair along the line. ● When using with pencil type or powder type eyebrow, please use this product last. ● If there is a lot of liquid on the brush, adjust the liquid at the mouth of the container before using. ● When used separately, it can be removed with hot water.

Precautions for use Precautions for use ◇ After use, wipe the mouth of the container clean and be sure to close the cap properly. If you close the cap with the liquid on the mouth of the container, the cap may not close or the inner plug may come off in rare cases. ◇ Never dilute with water or lotion as it may deteriorate. ◇ Do not leave in the sun or high temperature. ◇ Please note that it will not fall off if it gets on clothing.


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