FANCL Cold Care 20 days 20 tablets

FANCL Cold Care 20 days 20 tablets

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Product Details

・Clinical-tested foods with functional labeling to prevent chills!
・It is possible to quickly improve the blood flow in the peripheral area where it easily gets cold and raise the skin temperature.
・Easily improve the cold state with one drop!

Ingredients, quantity, usage

Hihatu extract powder (starch hydrolyzate, Hihatu extract) starch/hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, calcium stearate, caramel pigment
[Nutrition ingredients]
Energy: 1.4kcal, protein: 0.002g, lipid: 0.005g, carbohydrate: 0.34 g [sugar: 0.34 g, dietary fiber: 0 g], salt equivalent: 0.0004 g
[Notification number]
[Notification label] Since
this product contains piperines derived from hihatsu, it decreased due to cold. It has the function of improving blood flow (peripheral blood flow) and maintaining body temperature (peripheral body temperature). This product is suitable for those who are worried about the coldness of the periphery due to air conditioning in winter.

Dosage and Dosage
[How to enjoy]
Please follow the recommended daily intake and take with water.

Formulation /Shape Plant-derived hard capsule

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