FANCL enzyme black garlic egg yolk 40 grains

FANCL enzyme black garlic egg yolk 40 grains

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Product Details

・3 types of garlic, egg yolk and enzyme are mixed to support "anti-fatigue measures".
・Prescription design that mixes live enzymes and delivers them live.
・Fankel's original coating technology does not bother you with the smell of grains.

Ingredients, quantity, usage

Garlic extract, edible scallop shell powder, garlic freeze-dried powder, black garlic powder, egg yolk powder (including eggs)/cellulose, shellac, yeast cell wall (derived from soybean), cyclic oligosaccharides, sucrose ester, Sorbitol, Vitamin B6, Glycerin, Vitamin B1, Plant wax
[Nutrition ingredients]
Energy: 1.7 kcal, Protein: 0.07 g, Lipid: 0.03 g, Carbohydrate: 0.47 g [Carbohydrate: 0.10 g, Dietary fiber: 0.37 g] Salt equivalent: 0.0012 g, Vitamin B1: 1.0 mg, Vitamin B6: 3.0 mg
[Contents component display]
Black garlic powder: 50 mg, garlic extract: 250 mg, garlic freeze-dried powder: 50 mg, egg yolk powder : 10 mg, GSAC (γ-glutamyl-S-allyl cysteine): 3 mg

Dosage and dosage
[Guideline for daily intake]
2 tablets

Dosage form/shape
Round tablet

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