FANCL Neutral Fat Support 80 tablets

FANCL Neutral Fat Support 80 tablets

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By blending multiple ingredients, it is a food with functional claims that works on both the triglyceride absorbed from the diet and the triglyceride produced in the body.
Ingredients / quantity [Ingredients] Starch, turmeric extract / sugar transfer hesperidin, cellulose, chitosan (derived from crab), calcium stearate [Nutrition component] Energy 3.3 kcal, protein 0.06 g, lipid 0.04 g, carbohydrate 0.81 g [sugar 0 .53g, Dietary fiber 0.28g], Salt equivalent 0g, Chitosan 100mg, Curcumin 20mg [Functional involvement ingredient] Monoglucosyl hesperidin 350mg * Monoglucosyl hesperidin is included in glycosyl transfer hesperidin 500mg. [Notification number] D155 [Notification display] This product contains monoglucosyl hesperidin. Monoglucosyl hesperidin, which has the effect of reducing triglycerides, has been reported to be beneficial for the health of people with high triglycerides. Usage and dosage [Estimated daily intake] 4 tablets Round tablet

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