FANCL Supplement for women in their 50s 15 bags for 15 days

FANCL Supplement for women in their 50s 15 bags for 15 days

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Strengthen countermeasure ingredients for age groups who are concerned about hormone balance. In addition to beauty measures, we firmly support the health needs of women in their 50s who are concerned about their future health.

Ingredients / Amount / Usage Ingredients / Amount [Ingredients] [Vitamin B & C] Fujicha Extract / Vitamin C, Cellulose, Purulan, Sucrose Ester, Inositol, Calcium Pantothenate, Vitamin B1, Niacinamide, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin P, Cyclic oligosaccharide, Biotin, Folic acid, Vitamin B12 [Triple mineral & lactic acid bacteria & carotene] Edible scallop shell powder, starch decomposition product, starch, zinc yeast, vegetable lactic acid bacteria sterilized powder / magnesium oxide, cellulose, calcium stearate, duna Riella carotene, natto fungus gum, vitamin D, (including some gelatin) [Reduced coenzyme Q10] Edible processed fats and oils, reduced coenzyme Q10 / hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose, sorbitol, glycerin, lecithin, caramel pigment, antioxidant (antioxidant) Vitamin C), (including some soybeans) [Blueberry & Lutein & Astaxanthin] Vegetable fats and oils, black soybean seed coat extract, bilberry extract / gelatin, glycerin, hematococcus algae pigment, beeswax, marigold pigment, tartaric acid, antioxidant (Vitamin E), (including some soybeans and gelatin) [Nattokinase & Vitamin E & Hihatsu] Vegetable fats and oils, rice oil extract, natto bacteria culture extract powder, hihatsu extract powder / mixed tocopherol, gelatin, α-tocopherol, glycerin, glycerin Esters, Mitsurou, (partly containing soybeans and gelatin) [HTC collagen] Tripeptide-rich collagen peptide, starch / cellulose, shelac, sucrose ester, (partially containing gelatin) [soy isoflavone & Collagen & Calcium] Edible scallop shell powder, tripeptide high content collagen peptide, soybean germ extract, starch, lactose fermented product / cellulose, cyclic oligosaccharide, calcium stearate, vitamin D, (some milk components, soybeans, gelatin) (Including) [Nutrition component display] Energy: 8.5 kcal, protein: 0.44 g, fat: 0.52 g, vitamin: 0.64 g (sugar: 0.42 g, dietary fiber: 0.22 g), salt equivalent: 0.009g, Vitamin D: 2.4μg, Vitamin E: 75.0mg, Vitamin B1: 8.3mg, Vitamin B2: 4.0mg, Niacin: 5.0mg, Vitamin B6: 3.3mg, Folic acid: 67μg, Vitamin B12: 20.0 μg, biotin: 167 μg (334-668) *, pantothenic acid: 10.0 mg, vitamin C: 100 mg, Calcium: 160 mg, Magnesium: 30 mg, Zinc: 1.0 mg * () indicates the ratio of nutrients to the 2015 version (18 years old and over, standard calorific value 2.200 kcal) when 1-2 bags are ingested. %) [Ingredients label] Inositol: 17 mg, Vitamin P (hesperidin): 1.6 mg, Fujicha polyphenol: 0.5 mg, Plant-derived lactic acid bacteria: 500 million, Polyglutamic acid: 1 mg, Beta-carotene: 318 μg, HTC collagen ( Tripeptide high content collagen peptide): 175 mg, γ-tocopherol: 50 mg, total tocotrienol: 1.5 mg, natto bacteria culture extract powder: 500 μg, hihatsu extract powder: 500 μg, reduced coenzyme Q10: 15 mg, lutein: 5 mg, astaxanthin: 2 mg , Cyanidin-3-glucoside: 1.2 mg, soy isoflavone (as aglycon): 6.3 mg, lactose fermented lactose containing lactobionic acid: 5.5 mg Dosage and administration [How to eat] Daily guideline amount: 1-2 bags Mold / Shape 4 round tablets, 2 hard capsules, 1 soft capsule

Precautions for use-her product inquiries FANCL Co., Ltd. Supplement Counseling Office Yamashita, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-8528 Town 89-1TEL: 0120-750-210 Product size Height 178mm x Width 120mm x Depth 15mm

JAN: 4908049488499

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