Feather Special Price Piany, L, 6

Feather Special Price Piany, L, 6


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A razor for women (for shaving the face). With a "safety guard" that prevents sideways slipping and protects your skin, so even first-timers can use with peace of mind. In a design that is easy to hold and use. This fits nicely into the hand and has non-slip soft resin at the bottom of the handle.
• Contents: 6
• Ingredients/Materials: [Resin portion] ABS resin (Heat Tolerance 70 C): Cap: PS elastomer resin, [blade portion] stainless steel blade (blade thickness 0.15mm), [platinum alloy & resin double-coated finish, guard] stainless steel
• Size: 19cm x 7.5cm x 1cm
• Weight (item only) [G]: 44
• Made in Japan
• Manufacture Name: FEATHER Safety Razor
• Handling Precautions: This is a sharp bladed item. Handle & store with care. Before shaving, be sure to spread cream, soap etc. over skin, then lightly touch to skin and shave be gently stroking. (Do not pull sideways.) Should cream, soap etc. become adhered to your hands or the razor, wash well so your hand doesn't slip and then use. If used when you have pimples or your skin condition is bad, it may harm your skin, so do not use. After using, wash well with water, remove moisture and store, keeping away from moisture. The blade edge is coated so, to preserve sharpness, do not wipe the blade edge after washing with water. Should the blade edge be subjected to any impacts, the blade may become nicked, so use a new item. When you have finished using item, be sure to put on cap before throwing away. Keep out of reach of children. Should there be a problem with this product, please send it in its package to the manufacturer. They will send a replacement and return the shipping fee.

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