Fine Hatomugi C Beauty tabs 200 tabs

Fine Hatomugi C Beauty tabs 200 tabs


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Lively and beautiful! Coix seed extract Vitamin C-containing dietary supplement This product contains vitamin C added to the extract powder extracted from all the ingredients of Coix seeds. A cute heart-shaped chewable type. Manufactured in our own factory certified by ISO9001

Ingredients / quantity / usage Ingredients / quantity [Raw materials] Hatomugi extract powder, reduced maltose starch syrup, edible eggshell calcium (including eggs) / D-sorbitol, V.I. C, sucrose fatty acid ester, V. B2, V. B6, V. B1 [Nutrition Facts Label] Energy per 10 tablets (3g): 12kcal Protein: 0.08g Lipid: 0.1g Carbohydrate: 2.7g Salt equivalent: 0.016g Calcium: 50mg Vitamin C: 75mg Vitamin B1: 0.4mg Vitamin B2: 1.7mg Vitamin B6: 0.9mg Hatomugi extract powder: 1.8g Usage and dosage [How to eat] As a dietary supplement, take 10 tablets daily as a guide, or with water or lukewarm water. Dosage Form / Shape Chewable Tablet

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