Fine Kinjijimi Turmeric Liver Extract 90 Tablets

Fine Kinjijimi Turmeric Liver Extract 90 Tablets

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Product Details

Blended 600mg (per 6 grains) of liver hydrolyzate using curcumin, which contains 2.6 times more curcumin than turmeric, and pig liver.
We use domestic shijimi extract to help liver hydrolyzate.

Ingredients, quantity, usage

Safflower oil, gelatin, pork liver hydrolyzate, zinc yeast, wrinkle extract powder, turmeric extract, turmeric powder, ornithine/glycerin, beeswax, cacao pigment, glycerin fatty acid ester, antioxidant (vitamin) E), Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6 Vitamin B2, (partly containing pork and gelatin)
[Nutrition Information ] Energy
per 3 grains
protein 0.68g
lipid 0.83g
0.21g salt equivalent 0.045g
vitamin B11mg
Vitamin B21.1mg
Vitamin B61mg
Zinc 7mg
[Specific ingredient] Per
3 grains
Liver hydrolyzate 300mg Wrinkle
extract powder 50mg
Curcumin 30mg
Ornithine 13mg

Dosage and Dosage
[How to eat]
● As a guide, put 120 ml to 150 ml of water in a large cup, add 20 g of this product (approx. 2 spoons included), and stir immediately with your own spoon. ..

Form /Shape Soft Capsule

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