Fine natto kinase 240T

Fine natto kinase 240T

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Product Details

The sticky part of natto consists of an enzyme called natto kinase, which is extremely important for health.
This product is a dietary supplement containing natto extract as the main ingredient and added onion skin extract, red yeast rice extract, garlic extract, etc.
We especially recommend it to maintain the health of the actual generation.

Ingredients, quantity, usage

Natto extract (containing Bacillus natto (not genetically modified)), red yeast rice extract powder, onion skin extract powder, garlic extract powder, vitamins. C, sucrose fatty acid ester, vitamin. E, vitamins. B2, vitamins. B1, vitamins. B6 (including soybeans as a part of the raw materials)

Energy 9.8Kcal, protein 0.157g, lipid 0.077g, carbohydrate 2.115g, sodium 1.17mg

[per 10 standard ingredients] ]
Nattokinase 100mg (nattokinase activity 52000IU), monacolin 0.7-1.0mg, onion skin extract 250mg

Usage and dose
[How to eat] As a
dietary supplement, take 10 to 20 tablets of this product daily with water or lukewarm water.

Dosage form and shape

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