Fine shijimi turmeric liver extract 42 tablets

Fine shijimi turmeric liver extract 42 tablets

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Product Details

Modern people are constantly having a heavy physical burden due to an uneven diet and a lot of evening relationships.
This product contains liver hydrolyzate using pork liver, domestically produced shijimi extract, curcumin and zinc.
It also contains zinc and ornithine.
Contains 600mg of liver hydrolyzate using pork liver (per 6 grains).
It contains domestic shijimi extract that helps liver hydrolyzate! !!
In addition, it also contains curcumin.

Ingredients, quantity, usage

3 grains per
energy 11Kcal, protein 0.65 g, lipids 0.83 g, carbohydrates 0.26 g, sodium 15mg

[standard component]
3 grains per
liver hydrolyzate 300mg, clam extract powder 50mg, curcumin 30mg, Ornithine 13mg

Usage and dose
[How to eat] Take
3 to 6 tablets daily with water or lukewarm water.

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