Flare Fragrance Softener Dressy Berry Refill

Flare Fragrance Softener Dressy Berry Refill

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Through its fragrance sensor function, a gorgeous scent is continually released whenever even the slightest moisture/sweat or movement is sensed. With softness that feels pleasant against the skin! Anti-bacterial and deodorant effects also prevent unpleasant odors. Washing wrinkles and static are also prevented. dressy berry
• Contents: 480ml
• Materials/Ingredients: surfactant (ester-type dialkyl ammonium chloride, ceteth-8), fragrance, stabilizing agent
• Size: 260*60*130
• Weight (product only) [g]: 500
• Made In Japan
• Manufacturer: Kao
• Handling Precautions: A type with a strong fragrance. If you like the fragrance and how strong it feels will vary from person to person. Be mindful of others around you when using. Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose. Keep out of reach of children. Take care where you place this so that it is not accidentally ingested by those with dementia etc. Do not directly pour the liquid onto clothing. Take care not to get this in your eyes when using. When using in a softener automatic input slot, be sure to follow the instructions of your washing machine manual. Do not store in places with high or low temperatures or in direct sunlight.

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