Flavor Stone Pot frying pan 4-piece set Bronze gold Diameter 24cm IH compatible Domestic genuine

Flavor Stone Pot frying pan 4-piece set Bronze gold Diameter 24cm IH compatible Domestic genuine

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Sotapan: Diameter 24 cm / Depth approx. 4 cm Deep pan: Diameter 24 cm / Depth approx. 7 cm Casserole pan: Diameter 24 cm / Depth approx. 9 cm Glass lid: Diameter 24 cm Cumulative worldwide sales exceeded 7.6 million units * It is a very popular "non-stick" frying pan. * Manufacturer survey as of the end of August 2017 6-layer super stone coating makes various dishes healthy without the need for oil * 6 layers on the bottom and 5 layers on the sides Set contents: Sotapan (diameter: 24 cm / depth: approx. 4 cm / weight: approx. 900 g), deep pan (diameter: 24 cm / depth: approx. 7 cm / weight: approx. 960 g), casserole pan (diameter: 24 cm / depth:) Approximately 9cm / Weight: Approximately 1040g), Glass lid (Diameter: 24cm / Weight: Approximately 600g) Material: Stainless steel, aluminum, fluororesin, phenol resin (handle part) Glass lid: Tempered glass, phenol resin, stainless steel Compatible stoves: gas, electric, ceramic, IH Country of origin: China * Product design and specifications are subject to change. Please note.
Cooking with flavor stones will make your usual ingredients delicious. [Point] 1 The decisive factor for the deliciousness is that the thick plate heats the ingredients evenly, so you can cook evenly and neatly. In addition, the far-infrared effect makes the outside brown and the inside juicy as if it were grilled over charcoal. Since it has excellent heat conduction, it can easily pass through even low heat, which leads to energy saving. 2 The reason why it is hard to burn is a special 6-layer structure * Bottom 6 layers Side 5 layers Full-scale cookware brand, flavor stone that is supported in the world. The secret of its popularity is its well-thought-out unique 6-layer structure. The top 3 layers have a special coating that prevents food from sticking to each other, and the base 3 layers have good heat conduction, so they are baked efficiently and evenly. It is easy to clean because it has no irregularities. Durable flavor stones that have passed 3.5 million wear resistance tests are also pursuing wear resistance. The super stone coding on the surface is durable enough to pass 500,000 wear resistance tests using a stainless steel plate. The smooth and comfortable coating lasts a long time. * Survey by the Japan Metal Products Inspection Center * Excluding healthy grills "Test method" Test method: JIS S 2010 applies mutatis mutandis. Target: Flavor stone Sotapan a: Maintain the temperature of the coating film surface at 200 ± 5 ° C. Attach the tip of a stainless steel plate (SUS304 plate material with a thickness of 1.0 mm) to the coating film surface at an angle of 40 degrees, and apply force using a weight so that a load of 2.8 N ± 0.2 N is applied. b: The stainless steel plate is swung 3,000 times at a speed of 40 times per minute with a stroke of about 50 mm. c: Visually observe the condition of the coating film surface to check for exposure of the substrate. According to the JIS standard, the number of sliding times is 3,000, but in this test, it will be extended to 500,000 times for confirmation.

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