Fuku Badental Kiss You Wide Head Toothbrush Normal (2 Pieces)

Fuku Badental Kiss You Wide Head Toothbrush Normal (2 Pieces)

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● Ion toothbrush ● Ion power for periodontal disease care ● Revolutionary toothbrushing. ● Wide up! ● Can be polished with just water ● University clinical test proven ● Can also be used with the KISSYOU main unit in use. * This product has multiple colors, but you cannot specify the color. It may be different from the color of the product image. Please note. ● Extra-fine hair that reaches the periodontal pocket ● Ion-massage gums are lively ● Combination hair transplantation ● Gently massage with two types of hair tips ● Outside: Soft hair transplantation to massage gums ● Inside: Firmly flocking to scrape plaque ● Hair volume approx. 2 You can polish it wide by double *. * Compared to our compact head ● Wide head ● Mechanism for removing plaque ● It is said that plaque adheres to the tooth surface (crosslinking) with + (plus ions) in the fluid. ● KISSYOU uses excellent technology to generate negative ions from the built-in battery, loosening electrical bonds and making it easier to remove plaque. ● Brush replacement schedule: Replace the brush every month. ● Heat-resistant temperature: 80 degrees

Ingredients / quantity / usage Usage and dosage [Usage] [How to remove the brush] -Grasp the brush head and pull it out slightly strongly. [How to attach the brush] ・ Click! Insert it firmly until you hear a sound. [Cleaning method] -For dirt around the shaft, remove the brush and wash it thoroughly with water. * Estimated brush replacement: Replace the brush every month.


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