Fumakilla mosquito repelling incense 30 coils

Fumakilla mosquito repelling incense 30 coils


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Contains natural fragrance with a cool scent. Made using pyrethroid-type insecticide ingredients. Burns continuously for approx. 7 hours for constant insecticide effects.
• Contents: 30 coils
• Ingredients/Materials: [Active Ingredients] dl,d-T80-allethrin, [Other Ingredients] potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, Coloring Agent, talc, fragrance, mixed plant powder, 1 more ingredient
• Size (cm): 89mm x 135mm x 135mm
• Weight (item only) [G]: 490
• Made in Japan
• Manufacturer Name: Fumakilla
• Handling Precautions: [How to remove] Gently press the middle of the incense with your fingers, grip both sides with your fingertips and gently move while separating. The tip portion of the incense is fixed, so disconnect so that it doesn't break. [How to light] Position an incense coil with its tip facing downward and light in just one place. After it has ignited, extinguish flame and allow to gradually burn. To prevent fires, be sure to place the incense holder on a ceramic or metal plate that is larger than the incense. [How to set in holder] Raise incense holder vertically and insert the incense into the tip on the holder so it is set horizontally. Should the coil break, you can insert the tip of the broken portion into the holder. When disposing of ash that has accumulated in the tray, wait until it has cooled before doing so.
• Usage Precautions: Matters for consultation: Should you experience any abnormality in your body, seek medical treatment, telling your doctor that this item is a pyrethroid-type insecticide. Other Precautions: Be sure to adhere to the prescribed usage method. Take proper care when handling. When using in an enclosed space and sealed rooms for a long time, ventilate from time to time. It may cause irritate your eyes and throat. Do not place lit incense near items that burn easily such as paper, clothing, bedding, matchsticks etc. When setting the incense holder, pay attention to the edges of the holder and thin metal parts, as these may cause injury. This item cannot be consumed. Should it be accidentally ingested, drink water, throw up and then immediately consult your doctor. Use in a place where it cannot be touched by young children and pets. There is a risk of burns and fire. Do not use a near a child's bedside. This may cause burns. Do not use incense near a wall. It may cause staining and discoloration. For incense that has already been opened, put in its original bag or a plastic bag, fold over the bag opening and then put in its original box. Should it absorb moisture, it will not stay lit and mold may form. So that you can read it when necessary, keep hold of the item's box.
• Storage & Handling Precautions: Avoid direct sunlight and humidity. Store sealed in a cool place out of reach of young children. Be sure to set this item in the also included holder, or use the tray also included in Fumakilla Mosquito Coil Tray, Jumbo, Hanging Type or Fumakilla Mosquito Coil, Honneri Jumbo, 50 Coils In Can items.

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