Hanix DC Snow 5.5ml

Hanix DC Snow 5.5ml

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Apply it to teeth that do not turn white even when brushed, and to make beautiful white teeth that are shiny and white in 10 seconds. It is a tooth manicure. Just apply it and it will immediately whiten your teeth. ◆ Easy to use manicure ◆ Drys in about 10 seconds and lasts for about 12 hours ◆ Brush that is easy to apply to teeth ◆ Uses natural resin ingredients that are also used in foods such as gum * Can be easily removed by brushing teeth Make white teeth now! Leads to glossy white teeth Whiteness ★★ ☆ Glitter ★ ☆☆ Glossy ★★★

Ingredients / quantity Ingredients Ethanol, rosin, cellac, titanium oxide, (methacryloxyethyl carboxybetaine / alkyl methacrylate) copolymer, fragrance, mica, water, hydroxyapatite, BG, alumina, silica, rosemary extract, Roman chamomile extract Usage and dosage How to use 1. First, brush your teeth to remove stains. Shake the container well With the cap firmly closed, shake it for at least 15 seconds after it clicks. * Shake well each time you use it. The liquid has the property of precipitating, so the color will not come out unless it is mixed thoroughly. Make sure there is no sediment on the bottom of the bottle. 3. 3. Wipe off the water Leave the teeth exposed so that the lips do not cover, and wipe off the water on the surface of the teeth with a tissue. * If water remains, it may cause unevenness. Four. Adjust the amount of liquid at the tip of the brush with the mouth of the bottle. * If the amount of liquid is large, it may cause unevenness. Five. Apply quickly and quickly from the base of the tooth to the tip of the tooth. When you apply it, turn it upward in a bright place! You can easily remove it by brushing your teeth. If you feel that it does not turn white, it is highly likely that it is not mixed well, so shake it even more. ○ Tips for applying better * It will be easier to apply if you put dental cotton or tissue between your lips and gums. (Fig. 1) It is recommended to use dental cotton because saliva tends to collect when applied to the lower teeth. (Fig. 2) * Quickly apply one by one with Sassa from the base of the tooth to the tip of the tooth. For small teeth, just apply once. (Fig. 3) When recoating, wait about 10 seconds, allow it to dry, and then apply in the same way.

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