Hello Kitty Face Simple Design Blow Bottle 400Ml

Hello Kitty Face Simple Design Blow Bottle 400Ml


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Because it is a drinking lid with a slit that prevents pulp and tea leaves from spilling You can easily enjoy various teas and flavored water. Very nice that it is easy to wash with a simple structure [Body] heat resistant 70 ~ -20 degrees, [lid] heat resistant 120 ~ -20 degrees, [TPE resin] heat resistant 70 ~ -20 degrees, [drink lid] heat resistant 120 ~ -20 degrees, [lid packing] heat resistant 140 Up to -20 degrees
• Contents: 400ml
• Materials / Materials: [Body] Saturated polyester resin, [Lid] polypropylene, TPE resin, [Dip lid] Polypropylene, [Lid packing] silicone
• Size: 18.5cm x 6cm x 10cm
• Weight (product only) [g]: 113
• Place of origin / Country of origin: China
• Manufacturer: Skater Corporation
• Handling precautions: Please do not pour hot water of 70 degrees or more to prevent deformation. No cooling effect. Microwave ovens, automatic dishwashers and dish dryers cannot be used. Do not put dry ice, carbonated drinks, milk, milk drinks, miso soup, etc. that contain salt.

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