Herbal "Gojosan" for UTI discomfort in the bladder & urethra

Herbal "Gojosan" for UTI discomfort in the bladder & urethra

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It is a herbal "Gojosan" consisting of 11 kinds of herbal medicines, it
gradually relieves painful symptoms such as painful urination, residual urine, and frequent urination in those who feel discomfort in the bladder and urethra .

● indications
Painful urination, residual urinary sensation, frequent urination

● Dosage/Dose
Please take the following amount with water or hot water before or between meals

Age / 1 dose / Frequency of administration
Adult (15 years old or older) / 4 tablets / 3 times a day
7 years old to under 15 years old / 3 tablets / 3 times a day
5 years old to under 7 years old / 2 tablets / 3 times a day
less than 5 years old / × Do not take

● component-quantity
daily dose (12 tablets)

Raw drug equivalent amount
Bukryou 3.0g
Touki, Ogon, Kanzo, Giou, Takusha, Mokutsu, Kaseki,
Chazenshi each 1.5g
Peony and Sanshishi each 1.0g

Additives include silicic acid anhydride, CMC-Ca, Mg stearate, and cellulose
●Since this product uses a natural product (crude drug), the tablet color may be slightly different There are different

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