Hero Momentary Piercer 6 Q66

Hero Momentary Piercer 6 Q66

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It is a safe piercer even for the first time. The spring type completes the pierced hole in an instant. Light amethyst of Swarovski element is used for the decoration on the front. 1/100 second! !! Pierce with. It is a long type with an effective length of 8 mm and is easy on thick ears. -Uses sterile treated pierced studs. For one ear. Just press lightly. Since it is automatically installed by the force of the spring, there is no need to push it in. (Operating principle) By setting this product in the earlobe with the "spindle firing spring" compressed and pushing the "puller" in the "needle" direction, the "spindle firing spring" is released and the "needle" is released. Is pierced into the earlobe, and the tip of the "needle" is inserted into the "clasp" and fixed to the earlobe. [Item specifications, etc.] Spindle firing spring compressive force: 18.5N ± 1N Needle firing speed: 0.01 seconds ± 0.005 seconds

Components / quantity / usage Ingredients / quantity [Raw materials] Stainless steel, stainless steel (gold plated), titanium, titanium alloy Usage and dosage [How to use] 1. Preparation for use (1) Before using this product, disinfect the perforated part. (2) Check the blister pack (tray and sterilized paper) and check that there is no damage. (3) Open the blister pack and take out this product. 2. 2. In use (1) Fix the tip of the needle in the specified position of the ear canal, and compress the piercer body and pulling tool with your fingers. * Compression activates the internal mechanism, and spring force causes the needle to pierce the earlobe. (2) After drilling, when the force that compressed the pulling tool is released, the pulling tool returns to its original position. (3) Move the piercer body downward and separate it from the earlobe. 3. 3. After use (1) Check for bleeding in the perforated area.

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