Hoyu Bigen Fragrant Hair Color Emulsion 4D Calm Light Brown (Quasi-drug)

Hoyu Bigen Fragrant Hair Color Emulsion 4D Calm Light Brown (Quasi-drug)

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It is a gray hair dye that the dense milky lotion spreads from the root to the tip of the hair and dyes it. ● Contains color-retaining ingredients * 1. Suppresses the outflow of dyes and keeps your hair color beautiful even after days! * 1 Theanine, Taurine ● A faint aroma scent that is not tsundere. It is dyed while being wrapped in a faint scent of a floral bouquet. ● Specially selected ingredients Naturally-derived treatment (gloss) ingredients * 2 "Camellia oil, olive oil * 3, coconut oil * 4". Contains the moisturizing ingredient "hyaluronic acid". * 2 Hair protection ingredient * 3 Olive oil * 4 Palm oil ● Early dyeing type ● No pungent ● Aroma scent ● Good spread but difficult to sag ● Convenient for overall dyeing

Ingredients, amount, usage Ingredients / quantity [Ingredients] ● 1 agent [Active ingredient] 5-Amino orthocresol, paraaminophenol, metaaminophenol, toluene sulfate-2,5-diamine, resorcin [Other ingredients] HEDTA / 3Na solution, PEG-8, POE oleyl ether , POE stearyl ether, POE cetyl ether, POE (2) lauryl ether, POE (21) lauryl ether, ascorbic acid, isopropanol, octyldodecanol, olive oil, strong ammonia water, highly polymerized dimethicone-1, sodium hydroxide, stearyl Alcohol, cetanol, taurine, camellia oil, theanine, paraben, sodium hyaluronate-2, hydroxyethyl cellulose, behentrimonium chloride, polydimethylmethylene piperidinium chloride solution, anhydrous sodium sulfite, monoethanolamine, palm oil, vaseline, yellow 203, Fragrance ● 2 agents [Active ingredient] Hydrogen peroxide solution [Other ingredients] DPG, PG, POE reduced lanolin, POE cetyl ether, adsorption purified lanolin, steartrimonium chloride, cetanol, hydroxyethandiphosphonic acid 4Na solution, Hydroxy ethane diphosphonic acid solution, phenoxyethanol, lanolin Usage and dosage [How to use] 1. Make a mixed emulsion. Add the whole amount of 1 agent to 2 agents, close the white cap, and shake vigorously up and down about 30 times. Do not leave it as it is, but immediately replace it with a comb-shaped nozzle. 2. 2. Apply the emulsion. Apply the mixed emulsion to the entire dry hair with a combing feel. Leave for 15 minutes 3. Rinse off. Rinse well and finish with shampoo and conditioner. Dosage form / shape Milk

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