Hoyu Cielo One Day White Hair Hiding Light Brown 9ml

Hoyu Cielo One Day White Hair Hiding Light Brown 9ml

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● A stylish package that is easy to pick up in pastel colors. ● A simple comb-shaped marker that can be applied quickly without soiling the skin by simply combing from the root. ● A quick-drying type that is convenient before going out. ● It is hard to get stiff and has a natural finish. ● Three additive-free, paraben, mineral oil, and silicone. ● Because it is a "1 Day" type, it does not interfere with the next color. ● A new formulation of camellia seed extract, a naturally derived moisturizing ingredient. ● Assortment of all 4 colors, color tone expression that makes it easy to select the target.

Ingredients / quantity [Ingredients] Ethanol, water, (ethylbetaine methacrylate / acrylic acid) copolymer, BG, camellia seed extract, lactic acid, (+/-) carbon black, red 227, orange 205, purple 401, black 401 Usage and dosage [How to use] ● When using, be sure to read it carefully until the end and use it correctly. [Estimated number of times of use] When used on face line white hair (about 1 cm from the root), about 20 times * Depends on the amount of white hair and how to use it. [Precautions before use] ● The inside of the cap may become dirty due to shaking, dropping or condensation of this product. In that case, wipe it off with tissue paper before use. ● Be sure to use it on dry hair. If you use it on wet hair, the color will be worse. ● Store away from high and low temperatures and direct sunlight. In particular, do not place it near windows, in cars, near heaters, etc., as condensation is likely to occur. The color may fade and the liquid may not come out. ● Do not use on hair that touches the collar or shoulders. ● Do not use hair styling products or hair restorers immediately before or after use. It may cause poor coloring or stain the skin. ● (Important) If you use it on hair with hair styling products (hair spray, etc.) or hair growth agents, the markers may gradually become clogged and you may not be able to use it. 1. 1. Pull it out slowly with the cap down. ● (Important) Do not shake the container. If you shake the container, the liquid will splash and become dirty. ● (Caution) When opening the cap, the liquid may splash. ● Even if you push the container, the liquid will not come out. 2. 2. Apply to the areas where you are concerned about white hair. Apply slowly and little by little from the root to comb the white hair. * Please stand the container against your scalp and apply it. * If it is difficult to color, pinch and pull on the hair. * Do not damage the scalp with the tip of the comb. ● (Caution) Do not touch for about 2 to 3 minutes until it dries. If you touch it immediately after getting wet, your hands will get dirty. ● Repeatedly apply 5 times while shifting the position slightly until the white hair is covered. * By applying it many times, the white hair will be colored. ● (Be careful of dirt) Do not allow the liquid to get on your hands, skin, scalp, clothing, washbasin, floor, cloth, etc. ● It may be difficult for the color to fade if it gets wet. If it gets on your skin, wipe it off immediately with a damp tissue paper. 3. 3. (Important) Close the cap tightly after use. If the tightness is loose, the marker will dry out and become unusable. * Store the container sideways or with the cap down. If you store it on top, it will be difficult for the liquid to come out next time. ● (Caution) Please shampoo before going to bed to prevent the bedding from getting dirty. ● If the marker dries and the liquid does not come out ... (Please check) Apply tissue paper etc. to the marker and check if it is colored. If it does not color: Close the cap tightly, turn the cap up and down, and leave it for about a day to use it. [Precautions after use] ● If your hair gets wet due to sweat or rain, the color will fade. Be careful not to get your hands, clothes, hat, etc. dirty. ● If the rinse water from shampoo gets on the wall or bathtub, the color may not fade easily. ● After shampooing, the color may transfer, so wipe your hair with a towel that can get dirty and dry it well. Also, if you sleep with your hair wet, the color of your bedding may change.

Precautions for use ● Please note that if your hair gets wet due to sweat or rain, the color may stain your clothes. ● Please shampoo before going to bed to prevent the bedding from getting dirty. ● Black hair cannot be brightened. ● Store away from high and low temperatures and direct sunlight

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