Ichiran Ramen 5 meals with special secret red powder

Ichiran Ramen 5 meals with special secret red powder

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Original Spicy Red Seasoning
This is not regular red-pepper found at the store.
Various spices are added to a base of red pepper, combining them in the very best way.
We get an exquisite balance by blending and finely adjusting again and again, using our own unique technology.

●Ingredients: Deep-fried noodles (flour, vegetable oil,salt,lard), soup (flavoring oil, pork extract, soy sauce, protein hydrolysate, sugar, pork paste, salt, fermented seasoning, seasoning paste, spices), spices (chili pepper, black pepper) processed starches, flavoring (amino acids), thickening agent (processed starches, polysaccharide thickener), alcohol, calcium carbonate, modified starch. food grade lye water, food coloring (caramel coloring, vitamin B2), phosphate (Na), antioxidant (vitamin E), (including flour, pork, soy beans)
●Nutrition Information(1meal)
・Energy (kcal): 583
・Protein (g): 12.3
・Fat (g): 33.7
・Carbohydrates (g): 57.5
●7 Main Allergens (wheat · buckwheat/soba · egg · milk · peanuts · shrimp · crab): wheat
●Contents: 660g
●Country of Origin: Japan
●How to Eat:
①Boil 500ml (about 2 cups) of water in pot.
②When the noodles start to separate, turn off the heat and add the soup. Stir well.
③Put soup/noodles into large bowl. Add """"Original Spicy Red Seasoning"""".
※ The powder is very spicy, so adjust amount to your preference.
●Attention: After opening, consume as soon as possible regardless of the expiration date
●Storage: store at room temperature away from direct sunlight, and hot and humid areas.
●Best by (from manufacturing date): 240 days
●Manufacturer: Ichiran

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