Ikugen Dogen.com Anserine + Chitosan 60 tablets

Ikugen Dogen.com Anserine + Chitosan 60 tablets

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Anserine, which has become a hot topic in recent years, supports a healthy lifestyle and health!
Anserine 52mg and chitosan 10mg per 3 tablets.
Anserine is a type of amino acid contained in the muscles of animals, and is abundant in the body of migratory fish such as tuna and bonito.
It is thought that anserine is the reason why migratory fish can keep swimming.
In addition to fatigue care, attention has recently been focused on the effects of caring for the lifestyle habits of middle-aged and older people.
Anserine and chitosan, zinc-containing yeast and vitamin C are added to support lifestyle habits when people started to worry about their health.

Ingredients, quantity, usage

[Raw materials]
Fish meat powder (dextrin, fish meat extract) (manufactured domestically), reduced maltose starch syrup, yeast/crystalline cellulose, calcium stearate, chitosan (derived from crab), V.I. C, fine silicon dioxide

Usage and dose
[How to eat] Take
3 tablets daily with water or lukewarm water.

Dosage form and shape

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