Insect Repellent Kaori Ring Blue N 30 Units

Insect Repellent Kaori Ring Blue N 30 Units


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Insect repellent ring that works the moment you put it on your wrist or ankle. Very stretchy silicon rings for all the family. No insecticides used. Works even when wet. Fruit fragrance.
• Content: 30 units
• Ingredients: Perfume
• Size: 215mm x 120mm x 20mm
• Weight [g]: 43
• Manufacturer: KINCHO
• Handling Precautions: Do not use the product for other than its intended purpose. Do not eat. Stop using the product in case of redness, itching or irritation after or during use. Wash the affected area with plenty of water. In case of accidental licking of the product, rinse the mouth with plenty of water too. In case of any unusual effects on the body, stop using the product and consult a medical doctor. Be careful of accidental ingestion. Do not allow children use this product without the supervision of adults. Be careful when using around people with allergies or sensitive skin. This product is for ankles and/or wrists only. Do not use anywhere else, specially around the neck. Stop using if ankles and/or wrists feel tight or uncomfortable. Do not tie around too tightly. It may affect blood circulation. Depending on the storage conditions, the product may leak some perfume into the package. This does not affect the efficacy of the product. Immediately consult a doctor if you are bitten by a fire ant. Fire ants are considered very aggressive. Do not approach their nest as they may attack in group.

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