Institute of Sustainable Environmental Sciences Starry Milk 20g x 32 packets

Institute of Sustainable Environmental Sciences Starry Milk 20g x 32 packets

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Milk globulin G-26

○ "Breast milk" with mysterious power
Breast milk is essential for the baby to grow up well. Breast milk, which helps maintain the health of your baby, is the very power of your mother's love.
○ Achieving the wonderful function of breast milk with our unique biotechnology
"Starry Milk" reproduces the wonderful function of breast milk (colostrum) as much as possible based on milk. Contains 26 kinds of milk globulin G produced by our unique biotechnology and nutritional ingredients, which are useful for maintaining health. Please help us to maintain your health.

Ingredients, quantity, usage

Skim milk powder

<Nutrition Indications> Energy per 20g bag・・・71kcal

mg milk globulin G... 96 mg

Usage and dose
<How to drink> 1. Pour about 100 to 150 mL of water or lukewarm water (50 °C or less: not hot to the mouth) into a cup. (Because it contains heat-sensitive components, be sure to dissolve it in something that has been cooled to 50°C or less.)
2. Open the seal from the cut end of the bag, put the contents into 1 cup little by little, and dissolve while stirring.
3. Take 1 to 2 bags (20 to 40g) daily as a guide and continue to eat at your favorite time each day.
Four. If you add lactic acid bacteria drink, cocoa, yogurt, black tea, etc., you can enjoy it even more deliciously.

Dosage form/Shape

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