Japan Archon (formerly Ciba Vision) AOcept Clear Care 360ml x 3 (quasi-drugs)

Japan Archon (formerly Ciba Vision) AOcept Clear Care 360ml x 3 (quasi-drugs)

Japan Archon

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Product Details-If you choose by disinfectant power-Refreshing and comfortable to wear with popping foam-Simple care just to put on-Eye-friendly ingredients

Ingredients / quantity / usage ingredients / quantity [blending ingredients] stable Agent, buffer, pH adjuster, isotonic agent, surfactant [Disinfectant] Hydrogen peroxide: 3.42 W / V% [Neutralization disc] In one: Platinum 1.5 mg Usage and dosage [ How to use] (1) Set the lens in the lens holder of the disposable cup attached to the A-Ocept. Set the right lens in the "R" and the left lens in the "L" of the holder. * For the disposable cup, replace the new A-Ocept with the new one that comes with each purchase. (2) Put clear care up to the line inside the lens cup and close the lid. (3) Leave the disposable cup upright for 6 hours or more. (Voice of neutralizing disc (platinum disc) is generated.) (4) It is recommended to rinse with a preservative solution for soft contact lenses (rinse & go, etc.) before wearing. [Be sure to observe] (1) Do not rinse the lens with clear care. If the unneutralized liquid gets into your eyes, it can be very painful. When rinsing the lens, use a preservative solution for soft contact lenses such as Software Plus. (2) Be sure to disinfect with the attached special disposable cup. If you use a different container, it will not be neutralized. (3) When used at low temperature (10 degrees or less), it may take 6 hours or more to neutralize. Please use in a warm room as much as possible in winter. (4) Do not mix with other disinfectants for soft contact lenses. If used together, the liquid in the cup may leak and the amount of liquid may decrease. Formulation / Shape Liquid

Efficacy Efficacy Disinfection of soft contact lenses (Group I-Group IV)

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