Kakudai Ginseng tonic

Kakudai Ginseng tonic

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○For health and beauty
○Tanachi is a perennial plant of the genus Carrot genus, also known as "Kin-Kimetsu", and is a special product of Yunnan Province, China. It contains a lot of ginseng saponin. Other nutrients are rich in dietary fiber and iron. This product has been studied and evaluated by Guangzhou Zhongshan Medical School, Beijing Athletic Medical Research Institute, and Beijing Physical Education Graduate School. Please help us to maintain your health.
○ Considering hygiene and digestion and absorption, heat-processed Kanda Nana (7-year-old root) is used.
○ Residual pesticides have been tested and 427 components have not been detected at all.

Ingredients, quantity, usage

<Raw materials>
Tanashi ginseng

<Nutrition information> Energy per 100g・・・317kcal
Dietary fiber・・・35.6g
Sodium・・· 20.5mg
iron ··· 30.5mg
calcium ··· 124mg
zinc ··· 0.83mg
vitamin B1 ··· 0.06mg
vitamin B2 ··· 0.20mg
vitamin B6 ··· 0.25mg
vitamin E (α- tocopherol) ... · 0.2mg

ginseng saponin ··· 8700mg

Dosage and Dosage
<How to drink> As a
dietary supplement, take 10 tablets daily with water or white water.

Dosage form and shape

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