Kanebo Cosmetics Excellence Tights (150 denier) L-LL Pure Black

Kanebo Cosmetics Excellence Tights (150 denier) L-LL Pure Black

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150 denier tights that are warm but smooth, do not look thick, and do not sag easily. Dense warmth with the effect of "heat generation heat processing" x "double knitting" W! Protects your beautiful legs in winter. [Heat processing] ● Efficiently converts light energy into heat and keeps warmth for a long time. [Double knitting] ● Achieves beautiful and dense cold protection by weaving with a textured "front yarn" and elastic "back yarn". [Step tightening design] ● Clean and comfortable, tightening shape design. ‥ ● Thorough attention is paid to a comfortable fit, achieving a refreshing fit with less unpleasant tightening and slack. [High multi-yarn] ● Uses high-multi-yarn that is made by twisting a number of durable ultra-fine yarns. ● Thorough attention is paid to the extremely moist and smooth touch, achieving extremely excellent moisturizing properties and a fine and soft feel. [High-quality black] ● We are particular about "black" that makes your legs look beautiful, and realize sophisticated "jet black black". [Nude toe] ● Clean toes without switching. [With back mark] ● Convenient to know the front and back.

Ingredients / quantity [Material] Nylon / Polyurethane

JAN: 4973167258408

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