Kincho Mushikonazu Aroma Hang On Front Door 250 Days Fresh Floral Fragrance

Kincho Mushikonazu Aroma Hang On Front Door 250 Days Fresh Floral Fragrance


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250 days use. You can see how the insect repellent works by the moment you place it. The cute color of the container will compliment beautifully the door where you put it. Fresh floral fragrance.
• Content: 1 units
• Ingredients: Pyrethroid (Metofluthrin), long-lasting fragrance
• Size: 229mm x 130mm x 42mm
• Weight [g]: 100
• Country of Origin: Japan
• Manufacturer: KINCHO
• DO NOT: Take out the mesh inside the plastic container.
• Precautions: In case of any unusual effects on the body, stop using the product and consult a medical doctor.
• Other Precautions: Do not use the product for other than its intended purpose.Do not touch the mesh inside the plastic container directly with your hand. In case of touching it by mistake, rinse well using soap.Use in a place where it cannot be played with by children and pets. Do not use near fire.Be careful when using around people with allergies.When using in a smaller spaces, avoid a completely sealed environment if possible and ventilate from time to time. Do not put this item inside fish tanks. This is not an insecticide. In case of a large insect outbreak and a countermeasure is needed, use in combination with an insecticidal aerosol.In case of strong winds that may case the door to shake violently, remove the product to avoid breaking it.
• Storage and Handling Precautions: Store avoiding direct sunlight. Keep it out of the reach of children. Do not leave in places with high temperatures (inside the car, near lights) for extended periods of time. When you are done using the product, return it to its original bag and seal it with tape. Discard the product according to the guidance of your local municipality.

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