Kincho Uzumaki, Rose Fragrance 10 Rolls Golden Bird Swirl Mosquito Repellent

Kincho Uzumaki, Rose Fragrance 10 Rolls Golden Bird Swirl Mosquito Repellent

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  • The fragrance of the "Golden Bird Swirls" is a member of the "Hanayagu Rose Scent" that is particular to the fragrance
  • A swirl of goldbird is added to the natural rose oil harvested from high-quality Bulgarian damask rose
  • The fragrance is formulated with a relaxing fragrance that is said to have a relaxing effect
  • Ingredients: Active ingredients: Pyrethroid (dl, d-T80-Aleslin) 0.27w/w% Other ingredients: Vegetable fine powder, starch, sodium dehydroacetate, coloring agent, fragrance, other 4 ingredients
  • Contents: 10 rolls

• Weight [g]: 160
• Country of Origin: Japan
• Manufacturer: KINCHO
• Precautions: If you feel abnormalities in your body, stop using and if a child or someone has accidentally eaten, please immediately inform your doctor that this product is a pyrethroid pesticide for medical treatment.
Please place it in a well-ventilated area.
If you use it for a long time in a tight room, you may feel stimulation to the eyes, nose, and throat.
People with allergies should use caution.
Do not use with built-in incense sticks or for anything other than a dedicated combuster.
Please be careful not to place the incense sticks near flammable objects or cover your futon or clothing.
Also, please be careful not to fall over the incense sticks.
The incense holder should be placed on top of a ceramic or metal container, and do not use a paper box or plastic container that may cause burning.
Please be careful not to cut your hands on the tip of the incense holder or metal thin.
If the ashes accumulated in the saucer, please discard them after each use.
Keep out of direct sunlight and keep out of reach of children.

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