King Jim NPS10 Sill Notebook Computer Stand

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Reduce your body burden by raising your eyes! Body color: Silver size: Approximately W220 × L250 × H5 (mm) Weight: Approximately 560g Material: Aluminum, silicone compatible size: 10-17 inch notebook PC/tablet load capacity: Approximately 5kg * Depending on the shape of the laptop It may not be placed regardless of whether it is. See more

Product introduction ● 10-17 inch notebook computer tablet ● Reduce your body burden by raising your eyes! ● 5 -stage angle adjustment ● The angle is 24 °, 29 °, 33 °, 36 °, 38 ° (height about 9.5-14cm). By adjusting laptops and tablets to the optimal height according to your eyes and work environment, you can improve your posture, reduce eye fatigue, neck pain, back pain, and wrist pain. It is a compact size that can be folded and put in a bag or briefcase. It can be used at office, home, business trip, etc. Please be careful (exemption)> Please read ● Depending on the shape of the laptop, it may not be possible to put it regardless of the corresponding size.

Model number: NPS10 Sil
Material: Silicone, aluminum
Application point: Tablet
Product size: 0.5 x 22 x 25 cm; 640 g

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