KISS NEWYORK Press & Go LPG08J 12 size 30 pieces

KISS NEWYORK Press & Go LPG08J 12 size 30 pieces

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In the spring of 2020, we held a nail design contest in collaboration with Press & Go and Nailbook. We have received more than 1800 entries from nail salons all over Japan, and we will release 7 patterns that commercialize selected works and 11 simple and elegant patterns that are popular in Press & Go in a new luxury package.

Ingredients / quantity ― Usage and dosage [Mounting method] 1. First, wipe off any dirt or nail polish on your nails and wash your hands thoroughly. 2. 2. Use your nail polish remover to wipe the surface of your nails clean and disinfect. 3. 3. Please select the [Press & Go] that suits your nails. If the size doesn't fit, use a nail file to adjust the size. Push up the cuticle with a pusher before mounting. Note) [Press & Go] is made of a soft and durable material. It will expand a little when attached, so it is recommended to choose a size that is slightly smaller in appearance. 4. Peel off the adhesive film on the back side, and attach it so that the side with the tab is directed toward the cuticle and lightly pressed from diagonally above (apply about 1 mm away from the cuticle). 5. Use your thumb to press it until it is firmly attached. Note) [Press & Go] needs to be pressed firmly with the thumb until it is firmly attached, so it is recommended to attach it in order from the little finger of the smallest size, and attach the thumb last. [How to peel off] 1. Peel off slowly from the side. If it is difficult to remove, apply your nail polish remover or cuticle oil to the border with your nails, wait about 16 minutes, and then slowly remove it. 2. 2. After peeling off, wash your hands clean and massage the entire nail with cuticle oil.

Precautions for use Do not use if you are allergic or have an abnormality on your nails. ● Keep out of reach of children. ● Perform hygiene management and consult a doctor if you feel any abnormality on your nails. Do not use during strenuous exercise or bedtime. ● Avoid continuous use for a long time. It may damage your nails.

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