Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Men'S Heated Waki Pat 20 Sheets

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Men'S Heated Waki Pat 20 Sheets

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● A three-layer structure sheet that responds to men's sweat is a sweat absorption sheet that absorbs sweat without letting it escape and firmly prevents sweat stains. ● Prevents sweat odors all day long with the power of deodorant ions and deodorant oil. ● A thin sheet that is not stiff and does not stand out from the outside. ● It is a white sheet that does not stand out even with a white shirt.

Precautions for use ● Precautions for use ● It may be difficult to adhere to linen, cotton, blended materials, elastic clothing, functional clothing, and clothing using fabric softener. ● Do not wash, dry or iron while wearing. ● If you leave the sheet on for a long time, it may remain on your clothes or cause discoloration due to sweat, so remove it immediately after use and wash it. ● Do not use the sheet once used repeatedly. If it does not suit your skin, discontinue use. ● Store in this box as the scent may weaken depending on the storage conditions.


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