Koolfever Sheet For Babies, 12-Pack

Koolfever Sheet For Babies, 12-Pack


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Designed to be kind to babies' sensitive skin. Ready to use at the onset of your baby's sudden fever. Sticks securely to your baby's forehead and stays on even if they toss and turn in their sleep. Unscented, uncolored, and mild acidity to prevent skin irritation. The size and cooling sensation are just right for your baby's forehead.
• Contents: 12
• Materials: paper, combined materials including paper, polyethylene etc., polypropylene, contains parabens
• Size: 8.5 x 6.3 x 17cm
• Item Weight [G]: 136
• Brand Name: Kobayashi Pharmaceutical
• Handling Precautions: Should children feel discomfort on their skin (itchiness, pain etc.) or should an abnormality appear (swelling, rash etc.), discontinue use. Should an abnormality remain on the skin, consult a dermatologist, bringing this item with you. There is a chance that those who find it difficult to use this on their own, such as children and those who are physically challenged, may not be able to breath due to adhesion to the mouth or nose or by putting it in their mouth. Be sure that they are properly supervised by a guardian or nurse. This is not a pharmaceutical products so consult a doctor should high heat or heat generation persist. Do not use on areas with skin abnormalities (a wound, a burn, sunburn etc). Cooling effects are gradually reduces after opening so use as soon as possible. Avoid places with high temperatures. Store in a cool, dark place.

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