Korea Red Ginseng Tea Gold 30 Packets

Korea Red Ginseng Tea Gold 30 Packets

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Product Details

High quality 6-year-old ginseng is used. It has a mild bitterness and is sweetened with glucose for continued drinking.

Ingredients, quantity, usage

[Raw material]
1 pack (3 g) of red ginseng tea
Glucose, lactose, red ginseng extract 450 mg (corresponding to 900 mg of red ginseng ), Vitamin C

[Nutrition Information ] Calories per 1 pack (3 g)... 11.90 kcal
Protein: 0.01 g
Lipid: 0.01 g
Carbohydrate: 2.95 g
Sodium: 0.52
mg Vitamin C: 50 mg

Percentage of the standard value for displaying nutrients per day
Vitamin C: 62 %

Usage and dose
[How to enjoy] Take
1 to 2 capsules daily as a guide and dissolve in 100 ml to 150 ml of hot water or water.

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