KOSE Cosmetics Port Clear Turn Hyalotune Micro Patch 3 Times

KOSE Cosmetics Port Clear Turn Hyalotune Micro Patch 3 Times

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A microneedle patch made by crystallizing 100% hyaluronic acid into needles. 1500 moisturizing condensed needles melt in the depths of the stratum corneum and inject moisture directly to the deepest part. It is effective for the eyes and mouth that you care about.

Ingredients / quantity [Ingredients] Na hyaluronate / water Usage and dosage [How to use] Please use at the end of night care. * If lotion or cream remains on the surface of the skin, the mask will come off easily, so apply it well before using.

Precautions for use ● Please use with dry hands. ● Because it is sensitive to humidity, please use it immediately after opening. ● Since fine needles are spread over, you may feel irritation in rare cases when applying or while applying the mask. ● If it does not subside, discontinue use. ● Do not remove the hyaluronic acid sheet in the center of the mask. ● Also, be careful not to touch it as it will melt if you touch it. ● After applying the mask, do not press it strongly from above or shift the mask. ● After sunburn, wait until the redness and tingling of the skin have subsided before using. ● If any hardened ingredients remain on your skin after removing the mask, wash them off with water without rubbing. ● Do not use the mask once used again. Do not place in a hot place.

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