Kose Vise Riche Color Impact Liquid Liner Pk840 Pink 0.4Ml

Kose Vise Riche Color Impact Liquid Liner Pk840 Pink 0.4Ml

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● A liquid liner that has high color development but does not have a white film feeling and fits naturally on the skin. ● It is easy to adjust the fineness, and you can freely draw any line without blurring. ● Fragrance-free ● It is a type that can be turned off with hot water. ● Contains beauty essence (moisturizer) collagen and glycerin.

Ingredients / Amount / Usage Ingredients / Amount [Ingredients] Water / BG / Acrylate Copolymer Ammonium / Tocopherol / Water-soluble Collagen / AMP / Glycerin / Simeticon / Sorbitan Trioleate / Sculose Palmitate / Sorbitan Palmitate / Behenes-30・ Bentnite ・ Polyglyceryl-3 disiloxane dimethicone ・ Sorbitane laurate ・ Watered palm oil Fatty acid Glyceriz ・ Ethylparaben ・ Phenoxyethanol ・ Methylparaben ・ Red 226 Usage and dosage [Usage] ● Draw along the edges of the eyebrows. * You can easily wash it off by letting it soak in lukewarm water for a while. * If it is difficult to remove with lukewarm water, use a cleanser.

Precautions for use ● Precautions for use ● After use, close the cap properly and store the brush tip sideways. ● If you start using the brush or the color does not come out easily, put the cap on and shake it lightly several times, then lightly press the base of the brush against tissue paper etc. and let the liquid spread to the tip of the brush before using. ● Do not store the product with the brush tip facing down for a long period of time as the liquid may splash during use and stain your clothes. ● Please note that the liquid will not come off if it gets on your clothes. ● If you leave the cap removed, the brush will dry out and you will not be able to draw. ● If cosmetics such as milky lotion or eye color adhere to the product and make it difficult to draw, wipe it gently with tissue paper. ● Do not immerse the brush in water or lotion. ● Do not pull the brush tip. When closing the cap, be careful not to hit the brush tip. ● The container may be shaken violently, shocked by dropping, or a significant change in temperature or atmospheric pressure may cause liquid leakage and stain the inside of the cap or clothes. ● Do not use for any purpose other than eyeliner.


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