La-Vie Ashiura Ite-Yo Foot Sole Stimulator

La-Vie Ashiura Ite-Yo Foot Sole Stimulator


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A regular size mat that stimulates the acupressure points on the soles of the feet through 6 types of protrusion. The sole of the foot is your second heart! Health management starts from the soles! For foot fatigue, swelling and promoting blood circulation. Mat Size (approx.): 40cm x 34cm
• Materials: polypropylene, PVC, polyester
• Size (Height x Depth x Width) [cm]: 23 x 8 x 17
• Weight (item only) [G]: 365
• Contents: 1
• Manufacturer Name: La-VIE[Please Note]
• If you place this directly on the floor, it may slip, or damage or discolor the floor. Therefore, use on top of a mat that you don't mind becoming damaged.
• This item is for those in good health. If you have a chronic illness or are concerned about your health, be sure to consult with a doctor before use.
• As this has protruding parts, it may hurt the soles of the feet. Therefore, while you are becoming accustomed, test little by little without suddenly exerting your whole body weight on it.
• Do not wear hard shoes when using as they may damage the protruding parts.
• Wear socks that you do not mind becoming damaged as using this may cause discoloration.
• When you first use this, there may be a cracking sound when you first get on the protrusions. However, this is the catches on the base locking into place and is not an abnormal breakage sound.
• Should you experience an abnormality during use, immediately discontinue use.
• Check that there are no children or pets around you before using. Should you lose your balance and fall over when using this, it may cause injury etc.
• Do not use for any purpose other than to stimulate your feet.
• Do not jump on the item or subject to other strong impacts. This may cause injury or damage.
• Each time you use this, be sure to check that there is no abnormality such as loose or broken parts before using. Should you use this without noticing such a problem, it may cause an unexpected accident and injury.
• Take proper care so that small children do not play with this item. This may cause an unexpected accident and injury.
• This item has been developed for individual private usage. Do not use for business use or events such as games.
• Do not use near heating appliances. This may cause resin portions to melt or your mat to catch fire.
• Do not leave in direct sunlight and places with lots of moisture such as the bathroom. This may cause deformation, discoloration and mold.
• We accept no responsibility for any accident or injury caused by not observing to the above precautions.

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