Life Support Samurai-SAMURAI-4 grains

Life Support Samurai-SAMURAI-4 grains

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Citrus extract, Cordyceps sinensis powder, Tonkat ant extract, Suppon powder, Eleuthero extract powder, Huanalpomacho bulk powder, Guarana powder, Maca powder, Zinc yeast, Amla extract powder (Amla extract, dextrin) , Oyster extract powder (oyster extract, dextrin), sorbitol, crystalline cellulose, niacin, silicon dioxide, Ca stearate

<nutrition information> Energy
per 4 tablets (1.2g):4.5kcal
Protein: 0.0739g

Usage and dose
<How to eat> Take
4 tablets daily with water without chewing.

As a guideline, 4 tablets 1-2 hours before the action

Dosage form and shape

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