Lion Clinica Advantage Smooth Slim Floss 40M

Lion Clinica Advantage Smooth Slim Floss 40M

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Product Details-Dental floss that is easy to insert and polish even for beginners. -A non-swelling type that is easy to use even for beginners. -A slim floss thread that can be inserted smoothly between teeth. -A wax type that is easy to insert between teeth. -Uses polyester & nylon composite filament with low friction.・ Contains xylitol.・ It is a mint flavor.

Ingredients / Amount / Usage Ingredients / Amount [Floss Material] Nylon, Polyester Usage and Dose [Usage] -Cut the floss to a length of about 40 cm and wrap it around the left and right middle fingers.・ Hold the floss between your index finger and thumb so that the distance between them is 1 to 2 cm.・ Slowly insert between teeth while moving slightly back and forth. Raise and lower 2-3 times while rubbing against the sides of the teeth.・ When using between different teeth, shift the part where the floss was used and repeat the operation.・ Rinse your mouth after use.・ Get regular dental examinations at the dentist's office.

Precautions for use Precautions for use ・ Store in a place out of the sun, avoiding high temperature and humidity.・ Do not force the floss. It may damage your teeth and gums.・ If the floss gets caught between the teeth or is easily cut, the claws of the teeth may be bad or there is a risk of tooth loss, so please consult a dentist.・ Be careful not to cut your fingers with the cutter.


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