Lion Systema Habrush Compact 4 Rows Usually

Lion Systema Habrush Compact 4 Rows Usually

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● With an evolved thin head, it is a toothbrush for periodontal disease care that can easily reach the periodontal pocket at the back of the mouth, which was difficult to reach until now. ● Because it is the tip of ultra-fine hair, it reaches deep into the periodontal pocket, which cannot be reached by ordinary hair, and scoops out dirt together with periodontal disease plaque (aggregate of bacteria including periodontal disease bacteria). ● The size of the head is compact, and it is a 4-row type with a basic head width. ● The hardness of the hair is normal. * It is not possible to specify the handle color.

Ingredients / quantity [Material] [Material of handle] Body: Polypropylene. Rubber part: EPDM, polypropylene. [Hair material] Saturated polyester resin [Hair hardness] Usually [Heat-resistant temperature] 80 degrees Usage and dosage [How to use] Use the tips of your hair well and polish it lightly in small steps.

Precautions for use ● Excessive force may damage your gums. ● If the tips of your hair open, replace it.

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