Metabolic Diamond Banana KING 2.5g+50ml

Metabolic Diamond Banana KING 2.5g+50ml

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36 carefully selected ingredients including maca, tonkat ant, zinc, lampep, horse & pig testicles! !!

Ingredients, quantity, usage

<raw materials>
○ Spark powder
Sugar, maca extract powder , fenugreek seed extract, starch, eleuthero extract powder, canca extract powder, red ginseng extract powder, american ginseng powder, zinc-containing yeast, hihatsu extract powder, kintoki ginger powder, black pepper powder Extract, sodium bicarbonate, flavor, citric acid, spice
○×7.7 Booster drink
Fructose glucose liquid sugar, reduced maltose starch syrup, honey, galactomannan hydrolyzate, egg white peptide, tonkat ant extract, pork test extract powder, cobra Extract, pitworm extract, terrapin extract, guarana extract, ginger extract, ganoderma lucidum extract, L-citrulline, fruit polyphenol (grape skin, apple skin) fermented black garlic extract, sea snake extract, hub extract, snake gall extract, winter pearl oyster extract powder, oyster extract Powder, pepper extract, horse testicle extract powder, horse penis extract powder, citric acid, cyclic oligosaccharides, fragrance, caffeine (extract), glycine, L-arginine, preservatives (Na benzoate, butylparaben), vitamin B6 , Vitamin B2, Vitamin B1

<Nutrition Indications>
per spark powder (2.5g): 9.5kcal
Protein: 0.06g
Lipid: 0.03g Carbohydrate: 2.26g
Sodium: 1-100mg
Zinc: 375mg Maca extract powder: 375 mg Testfen
(fenugreek seed extract powder): 300 mg
Eleuthero extract powder: 50mg
Canker extract powder: 50 mg Red ginseng extract powder: 50 mg
American ginseng powder: 50 mg
Citric acid: 20 mg
Hihatu extract powder: 10 mg
Kintoki ginger powder: 10 mg
Black pepper extract: 0.4 mg

○ × 7.7 Energy
per booster drink (50 mL): 44 kcal
Protein: 0.65 g
Lipid: 0g
Carbohydrate: 10.35g
Sodium : 1-100mg
Vitamin B1: 1.1mg Vitamin B2: 1.2mg
Vitamin B6: 1.6mg Lampep (egg white peptide): 375mg
Tongkat Ali Extract: 340mg
Pig Testicle Extract Powder : 100mg
Cobra Extract : 100mg
Mamushi extract: 100mg
Suppon extract: 100mg
Guarana extract: 100mg
Ginger extract: 100mg
Ganoderma lucidum extract: 100mg
Caffeine: 100mg
Binitrox (fruit polyphenol): 75mg
Horse testicle extract powder: 50mg
Horse penis extract powder: 50mg
L-arginine: 30mg
L-citrulline: 30mg
Fermented black garlic extract: 30mg
Sea snake extract: 10mg
Hub extract : 10mg

Snake gall extract: 10 mg Fusarium oleracea extract powder: 10 mg
Oyster extract powder: 5 mg
Chili pepper extract: 5 mg
Citric acid: 350 mg

Usage and dose
<How to eat> As a dietary supplement, take powder and drink approximately once a day.

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