Milk Soap Kyoshinsha Cow Brand Red Box 6P

Milk Soap Kyoshinsha Cow Brand Red Box 6P

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Whole body moist and smooth Domestically produced, unchanging gentleness

Ingredients / quantity Ingredients Soap base, flavoring, milk fat (milk), squalane, water, stearic acid, titanium oxide, EDTA-4Na Usage and dosage How to use 1. Let's put together the hair 2. Let's remove the makeup properly 3. Whisk the soap (If your hands are dirty, it will be difficult to foam, so wash your hands first. Wet your hands and roll them in your hands to dissolve them. Add a small amount of water and whisk to soak in air.) 4. Wash with plenty of foam (put the foam on your skin and use the pad of your finger). Gently wash with soap so that it wraps around your skin. Slowly wash from the center of your face outwards, keeping in mind that the foam acts as a cushion between your hands and skin. It is recommended to wash from the T zone such as around.) 5. Rinse carefully (Rinse the foam clean with lukewarm water. Gently and carefully so as not to rub the skin too much. Unrinsed residue may cause skin troubles. So be careful not to leave bubbles on your hairline or face line. Too hot water will put a strain on your skin, and cold water will close your pores, so be careful about the temperature. ) 6. Gently wipe off (Wipe off the moisture with a soft, soft towel. The point is to rub it gently so that it does not irritate the skin. After that, use soap or milky lotion to wipe the skin. Let's arrange it.) Dosage form / shape Solid

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