Miyama Kampo Omega Fish Oil 60 capsules

Miyama Kampo Omega Fish Oil 60 capsules

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Product Details

○ Supports your thinking and concentration
○This product contains fish oil containing omegasuri fatty acid, which is said to be lacking in modern people, and krill oil, which is currently attracting attention. Recommended for those who have irregular eating habits and those who rarely eat fish. 

Ingredients, quantity, usage

<Raw material>
DHA/EPA-containing purified fish oil, gelatin, krill oil (krill oil), glycerin, caramel pigment
<Nutrition ingredient display>
6 balls of this product (total amount 2.58g ) Medium heat... 19.0kcal
protein... · 0.50 g
lipid · · · 1.80 g
carbohydrate · · · 0.20 g
of sodium 1.44 mg · · ·
DHA · · · 422 mg
EPA · · · 73 mg
○ during production, content in the product 6-ball (total 2.58 g)
DHA · Purified fish oil containing EPA・・・1710mg
Krill oil・・・90mg (phospholipid・・・36

Usage and dose
<How to eat>
○ As a health supplement, take 3 to 6 capsule a day with water etc. as a guide.
○ Do not consume a large amount at a time, divide into 2 to 3 times, and enjoy little by little at the beginning.

Dosage form/shape

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