Mochida Healthcare Collage Full Full Next Skin Clean And Smooth Type 200Ml

Mochida Healthcare Collage Full Full Next Skin Clean And Smooth Type 200Ml

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1. Miconazole nitrate, an antifungal (antifungal) ingredient that prevents dandruff and itch, suppresses the growth of dandruff-causing bacteria (mold) and effectively prevents dandruff and itch. In addition, the voluminous finish of the vegetable conditioning ingredient (trimethylammonio hydroxypropyl chloride hydrolyzed wheat protein) supplements the moisture and gives each hair firmness and elasticity. It has a voluminous and silky finish. 3. 3. Hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, pigment-free, patch-tested ** Not all people are skin-irritant. It is gentle on the scalp and hair and moisturizes the hair. It does not contain fragrances, so it is recommended for those who like a scentless rinse. It can also be used by people with sensitive skin. [For those who like this] ○ Those who want to prevent fluff and itching ○ Those who have sensitive skin ○ Those who want to make their hair supple ○ Those who want to finish their hair with a smooth and voluminous feel

Ingredients / Amount / Usage Ingredients / Amount [Effective Ingredients] Myconazole Nitrate [Ingredients] Hydrolyzed wheat protein with trimethylammoniohydroxypropyl chloride, cetanol, octyldodecanol, alkyltrimethylammonium chloride solution, steartrimonium chloride, dimethylaminopropylamide stearate, aminoethylaminopropylmethylsiloxane Dimethylsiloxane copolymer, SE glyceryl stearate, propylene glycol, BG, isostearoyl hydrolyzed collagen solution-2, paraben, lactic acid, water, ethanol, isostearic acid Usage and dosage [Usage] After shampooing, lightly drain and apply an appropriate amount. Take it in the palm of your hand and apply it to the entire hair as if you were massaging the scalp. Then rinse lightly. Formulation / Shape Liquid

Efficacy Efficacy Prevents dandruff and itchiness, supplements and retains moisture and fat in hair, prevents hair splitting, cutting and split ends, and makes hair supple.


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