Moony Man Air Fit Pants For Boys (Big Size X 38 Units)

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For boys, 12-22kg. Made with new materials to replicate actual underwear. Soft and stretchy so it won't leave marks on the skin. Your baby will feel comfortable and secure even with all the playing!
• Content: 38 units
• Ingredients: [Surface material] Polyolefin, polyester nonwoven fabric [Water absorbing material] Cotton-like pulp, Polymeric absorbent material, polyolefin nonwoven fabric [Waterproof material] Polyolefin film [Fastening material] Polyolefin [Stretching material] Polyurethane [Binder material] Styrene elastomer synthetic resin [External material] Polyethylene
• Size: 430mm x 160mm x 220mm
• Weight [g]: 1460
• Country of Origin: Japan
• Manufacturer: Unicharm Corporation
• Handling Precautions: After opening, store where you can keep dust and insects out.

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