Morikawa Kenkodo Propolis Spray 20ml

Morikawa Kenkodo Propolis Spray 20ml

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Product Details

○This product is a handy, portable propolis product that you can easily use anywhere. In addition, it is a spray type with a refreshing feeling that contains "Eucalyptus extract" that has been confirmed to have antibacterial and anti-allergic effects and "Hincha extract" that is a material for combating hay fever. It is ideal for people with a weak throat, those who easily hurt, those who are sensitive to the season, and those who feel uncomfortable in early spring. Please use by spraying directly on your throat.
○PROPOLIS is the Greek word for "wall that prevents enemies from entering" and is made by mixing sap and bee saliva.

Ingredients, quantity, usage

Ethanol, reduced maltose starch syrup, propolis extract, beet tea, eucalyptus extract, fragrance

<Nutrition information> Energy
per 10 presses (
0.6mL ) ・・・0.65kcal
Carbohydrate : 0.15g
Sodium: 0mg Ethanol content: Ethanol 30.0%

Usage and dose
<How to drink> As a
health supplement, press 5-10 times daily (0.3mL-0.6mL) as a guide.

Dosage form/

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